Hair and Cancer

This might sound like a dumb question but I would like someone to answer it. About six months ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and I have been going through chemo and recently about a month ago I was back to normal. I hope it doesn’t come back.

I was wondering since with chemo you lose your hair and I did shave my head bald. People say it looks great but I can’t wait till my hair grows back. I was wonderning about how long does it take for your hair to grow back. By the way my mustache and eyebrows are growing back… Any thoughts on this???

Like I said this is probably a dumb question.

Fitone,I’m sorry to hear of your health problems.I know a few people who have been in your position and their grew at totally different rates.One guys’ came in really curly.His also grew back very quickly.In about 2 months he looked like he did before.The curly thing took a little getting used to.I’m guessing it varies between individuals.Hope this is useful.All the best on your recovery.

Whiners take heed! Here is a fellow who had all the reason in the world to whine about his situation and I have only read upbeat posts from him. Count your blessings before whinning. Way to go FitOne! You made MY day. Thanks.

Sorry to hear of you having to deal with cancer, but glad to hear your on the mend. better. My sister had to go through chemo treatments several times. I can understand your concern of your hair. My sister lost all her hair a couple of times and she said it did not bother her…but I know it did. Her husband said he would buy her a wig/hairpiece if she wanted but she said no it will grow back. She wore scarfs alot until it got to about an 1 or so. She had brunette hair with natural red highlights, and the first time she lost her hair it came back really dark, basically black, and grew like weeds at first. This looked really strange at first but in no time it lighted up. She also had a natural wave in her hair and that time in gre in very straight. The next time when she lost all her hair, it came it very light and curly again. But then after a short time changed to basically her narual color. Go figure. All in all I think she looked good no matter what color her hair was, but then I was a bit partial. ha ha So I guess you kind of have to wait and see. Proably not what you wanted to hear. I know it is was hard for her to deal with and she tried not to let it bother her…but I think it really did. But with so many shaving their heads, and all the varitey of hair styles these days…I sure no one things nothing of what you have or don’t have on top. I’m just glad to hear your doing better, and I hope soon you’ll be thinking about dread-locks or something. My best to you and your recovery.

Thanks… I try to be up beat… To much stuff in the world to make you depresing… But cancer is the least of my worries. You live life according to what card you are delt with. At least you can say moan and grown about but I say hey it is a part of life and DEAL WITH IT!!!

I train hard just like everyonelse here in t-mag maybe even harder. I leg press over a ton sqaut 315 for 4-5 bench press about 225 for 6 hurt my shoulder use to do more. Dumbbell press 100 lbs for 4-6 reps an I stiff leg dealift for 225. I also work hard too…

So I say dispite my conditions I am going to push myself to the limt and nothing absoultly nothing is going to stop me!!! I am planing on doing another Bodybuilding competition soon also…

My motto is to Enjoy life and what it have to offer and be the best at what ever you do…