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Check this out! This is a 'professional' designed workout posted by a T-Mag Wannabe. I was flabergast at the lack of logic in it:

"Day 2: Legs

Squats 1x20
Leg Press 1x20
Leg Extensions 1x15
Hamstring Curl 2x9
Seated/Standing Calf Raises 2x25
(Do one of set of each)"

HAHAHA!!!!! What the fuck is the logic here? FIVE sets total for hams and Qauds? And why is Hamstring work less than Quad work? But that's not all. Check it out:

"Phase II has been designed so that a periodized alternating
style will be used. HIGHER REPS, specifically targeted at the
type II FAST TWITCH fibers for hypertrophy, are the mainstay
of this program."

Since WHEN are Fast twitch fibers targeted by higher reps???? And type II fibers are Fast twitch fibers - whats the point of including both TYPE II and FAST TWITCH in the same sentence to describe them?
Additionally, since Hammies are mainly fast twitch, you need to target them with LOWER reps and HEAVIER weights for hypertrophy.
Also, if one wishes to GET BIG as the author suggests, one needs to pose a decent stimulus to the muscle. 5 sets for two of your biggest muscles - quads/hams - every 7 days is NOT gonna do it!!!!

Who are these copycats who dont know what they're talking about??? Better yet, WHY did I find someone named RESTLESS in the forums there saying, and I quote:

"THis was at an article in this week's T-mag (I know, I know...):"

...He then proceeds to quote a T-Mag article, which is FINE...but, Restless, whats with the attitude there? "I know, I know...." doesnt exactly speak volumes about your affinity and loyalty to those who offer you the best knowledge in the industry, for free nonetheless.
It also raises question as to what are you doing in a website filled with articles that are as comedic as they are informative (you dont really believe fast twitch fibers are targeted by high reps and that hypertrophy is achieved through a very high rep protocol now do you?)


So what's your point?


Hey Deisel23,
In a lot of your posts you are mentioning how much you like Coach D's stuff. Go back to Renegade Revolution and read the very first post "Code of Conduct". After that find a picture of the wheel Coach promotes . Look at it study it and then come back to your post here and read it again. Now tell me, does this post live up to those standards? What "spoke" is lacking? Let the attitude be shown on the score board or in your results, not by belittling others.
Like Chris said...What's your point.


I dunno, just tooting my horn in my own high horse.


I thinks diesel has finally lost it :wink:.

Seriously, though like Chris said whats the point of posting this?


toot toot