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Haglund: The CIA, Hollywood and 9/11

Alex Jones was joined in studio yesterday by actor, comedian and former star of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, Dean Haglund.

Haglund was very forthright with his comments on topics such as martial law in America and new developments in the September 11th cover-up.

Haglund commented that he first became aware of Alex and the larger movement against the New World Order when he was working on the X-files and the Lone Gunmen due to the fact that the writers would often listen to shows like Alex’s to get inspiration for the plot lines and characters.

He believed, like many others, that the spin off The Lone Gunmen was actually a better show than the X-files because it was moving away from “the ghosts and the poo monsters” and more towards the government conspiracy theme. The TV Show certainly had an impact on someone because it was axed after one season despite the fact that ratings were high and the plot lines were cutting edge. Someone wanted it gone, particularly in the wake of 9/11.

Haglund went on to describe the pilot episode of the Gunmen in which the three character basically had to stop a plane from flying into the World Trade Centre. This was aired eight months before the event actually happened. Haglund’s character manages to gain control of the aircraft seconds before it hits and averts disaster.

“Part of the plot, as it said in the script was that this event would be used to start an international war on terror.” he commented.

A small faction within the government wanted to carry this out in order to create a new enemy and prevent the arms trade going flat after the end of the Cold War. The cover to make everyone stand down in the episode and allow the attack to succeed was the wargames scenario that also actually happened on 9/11.

Click here to watch the Lone Gunmen WTC clip:

The show was used to subconsciously manipulate people to believe that if these events did actually happen, it would be like a film, not a part of reality, therefore we should not worry too much. Anyone who would dare to say that the Government were responsible for such terrorist attacks would immediately be branded a “lunatic conspiracy theorist, like those guys from the X-Files.”

Dean Haglund confirmed that government officials would regularly attend Hollywood parties and submit ideas to be planted in film and TV scripts. We have also previously covered the reports that the Pentagon will lavish certain projects with money and equipment should they portray them in a good light. On the other hand they will not help any project that is in any way antiwar.

It is common knowledge in Hollywood that if you want access to military bases and military technology and hardware, as a movie producer you have to bend over backwards to the Pentagon and allow them majority control in scriptwriting.

Pentagon support translates into millions of dollars shaved off the film budget. In many cases, the absence of that support means the film doesn’t get made. This means that movie producers are at the mercy of backroom DoD directors who can effectively re-write historical events and broadcast them to millions as accurate depictions of the real thing.

Portraying war or the military in a bad light in any scene merits an immediate blacklisting from the Pentagon. If the film isn’t an out and out recruiting campaign then they’re not interested.

“These movies cost twenty, sixty million dollars to make, that money doesn’t come from some guy down the street out of his check book, these come from huge venture capitalists that have huge corporate interests.” Haglund commented.

In the coming months we are to be bombarded with films about 9/11 and Iraq that will tow the party line.

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