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23g 1.5in 1ml Test E into upper left glute-- Sunday night around 11pm.

It is now 8pm Wednesday night and I have a solid lump at the site of injection that is sore and slightly warm.

Virgin muscle, possibility of shallow shot? (loose skin and body fat in ass area).

Once the syringe was pulled from the site, a little amount of blood came out. I immediately grabbed and applied pressure with a tissue. I followed the normal sanitary procedures-- washed hands, whiped the vial and the pin site with alcohol... Basically what I've gathered from the internet and this site is that it could possibly be a haematoma?

At what point should I lance it and aspirate out some fluid? It isn't terribly swollen, however the hardened lump like thing is definitely there. I've read that after 3 days if symptoms of abscess persist to aspirate it and seek medical attention. However, my first few shots came with a good amount of discomfort and swelling, but never really a "lump" like this.

What is the likelihood of haematoma? Likelihood of a "shallow shot" with shakey hands?


This is the third issue you've had in what, 2 weeks? I'd be very suspicious of the gear at this point. Very possible you got a dirty batch.

Don't worry about lancing it yourself, if it doesn't start going away after a couple of days or you experience any flu-like symptoms, get your ass to the hospital. And don't try to be sly with them, tell them everything.


I'm starting to think so myself, although it is also my first experience. After reading around more, I'm beginning to think I do in fact have a haematoma. However, I don't know how rare they are but it seems my situation marks up pretty well compared to them.

When you say if it doesn't start going away after a few days, do you mean a few days from the day of injection (which was 3 days ago tonight) or in a few days from now?

I've had a few weird difficulties, but I've also had 2 really solid by the book standard pins that were awesome. So... maybe I'll simply stick to the spots that worked and hope this is nothing but a learning pain. Thanks for the response, Overstand


I'm 99% sure it's not a hematoma, the likelihood of that occurring is very small compared to an abscess or other infection. Apply a warm compress to the area several times a day and intensely massage the area, also take some anti-inflammatories like aleve. If symptoms persist after a few days and you've been doing those 3 things, I'd lean towards it being an abscess/infection and get to a doctor.

Also, do not aspirate it yourself. If you have an abscess it has to be cut open and allowed to bleed out regardless of if you drained it and all you do by puncturing it is give it an opportunity for the infection to spread, so don't do that.


Thanks waylanderxx, I appreciate your insight-- I will most certainly not aspirate it myself. I was curious why you are 99% sure it is not a hematoma. Are they truly just that uncommon? I do follow quite sanitary conditions, but I am aware sometimes "shit happens". Again, thank you for the advice, I'll start applying some warmth and taking some ibuprofen.


Well I've been around steroid users for quite some time now and the only time I've ever heard of someone getting a hematoma is when I watched the gregg valentino documentary lol. Many, many people have described the symptoms you've had and if it turns out to be not good, it's always been an abscess or infection.

I also saw you said this is your first cycle? Oftentimes when using new injection sites these things can occur because the muscle is not used to having a foreign substance in it so if you stick to what I said above I wouldn't be surprised if the symptoms alleviate. In fact, I'm more certain that's the issue here but if it's not, I'd still be leaning towards an abscess over hematoma. It doesn't really matter though since both of those require you to see a doctor, haha.

Best of luck man.


Thanks a ton man, i've been heating it to hell and taking ibuprofen and it actually feels a lot better. Still sore, still kinda red and lumped, but feels better... So I don't know. Not a big deal if it's an abscess, just want to nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem. Thanks again, great help!


Ok, Friday morning-- woke up and there is still a decent amount of the "lump" left, but no redness and now it just looks like a bruise. It really looks/feels like I got kneed in my ass really hard; this is perplexing me.


Filter your shit or throw it out. Stop messing around with your health. And get your stuff from a less shady operation.

You probably have a sterile abscess. Keep the injection volume smaller, it will diminish the chance of this type of problem.


Thanks for the response, Bonez. I fear you are right regarding the source, although I'll keep it unnamed, I was under the impression it was from a reputable source. Guess I'll just keep heating it and learn from my mistakes. Live and learn, I suppose-- hopefully live more. Thanks man


Not that anyone would really care, but out of respect for those who helped-- the lump is 95% completely diminished. I was just being a pussy newbie