Had to Switch from Test Cypionate to Sustanon 250 Mid Cycle

I had access to cyp and ran it at 400mg/wk (pinned 200mg 2x a week) for about 2 months. I have a few bottles of different esters and mistakenly thought I had one more bottle of cyp… rookie mistake. Turns out I have only sustanon remaining. I had the syringe filled halfway of cyp when the bottle ran out, filled the rest with sust.

I am thinking due to the mix of esters it will not affect me much, but curious what others have to say. Should I expect any dropoff of effects due to my body getting used to the sust?


It is doubtful that you will notice any difference whatsoever with that little bit of change for one shot.

I am saying, though, that from here on out every shot will be sustanon because that’s what I have. So just wondering what to expect

Expect to shoot more often and hit a small lull while the long ester builds up.

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You probably won’t even notice the switch over. One thing to remember, you PCT timing is now dictated by the half life of the longest ester in the sustanon mix. It’s deconate or undeconate I forget but either way you will probably need to wait three whole weeks after you stop pinning before you start PCT. That or start after two weeks but add an additional week to the PCT. Actually now that I said it you should probably do a five week PCT no matter what and if you start after two weeks then make it 6. It really depends on how long you are on the sustanon and how much of that extra long ester builds up in your system.