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Had to Cut Cycle Chort, Shorter PCT OK?

For various reasons, I had to cut my first cycle short. I ran the following:

Mon, Mar.9 - 125mg Test-E
Thur, Mar.12 - 200mg Test-E
Mon, Mar.16 - 200mg Test-E
Thur, Mar.19 - 200mg Test-E
Mon, Mar.23 - 200mg Test-E <—This was the last shot

5 shots total. I was “on cycle” for 15 days. Of course, blood levels are still elevated and won’t be below 100mg (for PCT) until this coming Friday (Apr.3)

What I’m wondering about, is do I need the same heavy duty PCT that I had planned originally? Or was my time “on” short enough that a smaller amount of drugs could be used for PCT?

I have Nolvadex and Aromasin available for PCT.

you would more than likely be fine with a 40/40/20/20 nolva protocol IMO. you weren’t on for very long.

Know your ester tho and take into account the half life to know when the best time to start the SERM pct would be.

aromasin is not necessarily needed at this point.

thats my take mate.