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Had to Bail on Tren Enanthate-Sides Out of Control


After 4th inject of tren enanthate last Friday, I had to stop use all together. Haven't slept in over a week, anxious like a tweaker, and every time I drink water I have to piss it right back out again. If my last shot was this Friday, how long before this god awful compoound runs its course?


A few days to a week hopefully.

How much tren and how much test were you using?

Ever use tren acetate before?


500mgs test cyp 200mgs tren enanthate. Per week, split shots one tues the other fri. These sides are amazingly horrid


Next time use less testosterone and more tren. And inject the tren more frequently.

Or use tren ace ED minimum.


I had the exact same thing happen to me while running tren E. I slept around 2 hours a night for a month while running it.

Some people can react differently to the tren sides. It sounds like you are very sensitive to the sides just like I was.

My sleep didnt go back to normal till around 3 weeks after my last shot.


I will only do tren ace shot ED in the future.

The Tren E seriously fucked with me.


These side are freaking wicked...........anxiousness is so bad, and insomnia is like something outta a horror movie. Its totally. Suppressed my apptite, but has made my body hit an anabolic state that it craves food like mad. And if I can't choke back enough I get all sick and fuct up.


I can handle very high doses of tren ( haven't tried more than 1g ~week though)as long as my test doesn't go above 300-500 mg's. If my test is like 750 and tren is 250 I get sides a lot like the ones you describe. Other way around, nothing.

VERY common issue with generally a simple fix of altering the ratios of tren:test.


Ive never tried low dose test with high dose tren.

But high test and high dose tren feels pretty standard...

But Ive never really experienced any tren sides notable except a little blood pressure that becomes noticable but easily worked around.

DBol took care of the appetite loss

And definitly reduced cardio ability and increased sweating.

But nothing bad like anxiety or insomnia.


So what be a good ratio for test and trenbolone?


So what be a good ratio for test and trenbolone?


I like 1:3, but 1:2 works as well.


1 and 3 being the trenbolone?


I like 200-300mg test with as high as you want trenbolone (say 800mg).

This combo gave me NO sides. At all! I almost thought the tren was fake, but no, the strength increase and increased vascularity was all there.

1:1 test tren gives more sides, but still within the acceptable for me.


I have had similar experience. With 250mg/wk of test and 600 mg/wk of tren I have very few bothersome sides.


op same thing happened to me with tren. Couldn't eat cause my anxiety was crazy, couldn't sleep had trouble going to gym cause soon as i walked in the door I'd stark freaking out.Took about a week after the last shot and i started to calm down.

I've noticed I'm quiet sensitive to some drugs so from then on if I am ever using a drug I haven't used before I do two weeks of the drug at a moderate dose by itself to see if I get the anxiety and stuff like that.

The only ones that have ever done the same to me as tren is d-bol (if used over 20mg a day) sadly, and clen which i expected to happen.


Why does that happen. Wouldnt and shouldnt it be the other way around more sides with more tren?


How would that help by using less test and more tren since he is experincing trenbolone side effects?


Anecdotal evidence from at least a dozen regular users I speak with often. And my own experience. It's not a coincidence. Most of them got tren sides to some degree with high test and any amount of tren but experiencd fewer to no sides when the test was dropped to replacement level.

If you get tren sides try dropping the test down or using dbol or hCG instead of test.