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Had the Body & Lost It Over 9 Years

It will probably work, however…

raises some cause for concern.

A week is not long enough to truly evaluate a program (6 is probably the minimum). If you enjoy this routine more go for it (enjoying a program is an important component too), but don’t get into the habit of bailing on a plan after a week because it didn’t feel “perfect”

Good luck


Quick question for the OP… you mentioned strength standards. Mentioned you were not sure regarding squats. Have you taken the time to actually look it up? There area several charts online some will very…but it will give you a general idea.

Yeah, I checked out some programs and understood that the legs need to be hit hard at least 3 times a week. but i barely trained legs initially so this was a rude awakening. They feel stronger than before, but I’m going fairly light on them considering I have to be on my feet at the job during the week. Did you want to suggest anything to the routine?

Nope …just a book for general education purposes. Plus wondering if you had looked into strength standards.

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Bit of a digression here but McRobert was a guy I could never take to. I came from a a HIT background so thought he’d be a good fit. But I found his books a bit tedious. Although he has a great fan in Martin Bekham, who waxes lyrical about him. McRobert’s forums also had a bit of a reputation for folks getting hounded for showing any dissent or questioning his methods. Of course, that was years ago. I may look at it differently now.

Trust me… I have allot of issues with McRoberts.

I’d personally go with WS4SB or Starting strength or 5-3-1…the work-outs you’ve posted are at least bit unbalanced tbh, you’ll almost certainly progress faster with a tried and tested routine to be honest.

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