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Had Surgery for Torn Labrum This Morning

Had surgery this morning for a torn labrum in my right shoulder. The surgeon said it was a bad one, it took 6 anchors to repair it. Now I am sitting here waiting for the nerve block to wear off. I’ve been told the pain when the block wears off is anywhere from really bad to excruciating. Any advice from anyone who’s been through this? I know I have a long road ahead.

Tore my labrum/got it repaired and had ACL reconstructed. ACL hurt much worse.

I used as little pain meds as I could and weaned off quickly. Opioids are scary stuff.

I agree, I’m trying to use as little of the pain meds as I can, but when this nerve block wears off I might be singing a different tune ha. Also, the few times I have taken pain meds in the past they have made me very nauseous.

Don’t forget ice, whiskey and weeds.

Took a pain pill before the block wore off but still ended up in bad pain for about 2 hours. 2nd pain pill took the edge off and now i am just on ibuprofen.

The biggest issue I’m having now is intense cramping in the surrounding muscles (trap, rhomboid, behind the scap). Makes sleeping more than an hour here or there impossible. Nothing seems to help.

Can you ask for muscle relaxers (flexeril/soma) for cramps/spasms instead of pain killers?