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Had Some Bloodwork Done

Regimen for approx 6mo prior to bloodwork:

1/2cc T400 weekly
1/2cc Deca 300 weekly
1/2 tab Anavar 50 5 days week
Then 1 week prior to blood draw I took 1/2cc T400 and 1/2 cc Primo 100.

Doc who treats a lot of bodybuilders over the years said whats high is “normal” for what I’m doing. Decided to take at least 3mo off and will do more bloodwork before starting up again. I never got a baseline 6mo ago(my fault.)



This sounds more like it should be in pharma so you could get proper cycling advice. This isn’t a TRT regimen.

That being said, how’s your blood pressure? Your HCT is getting pretty high.

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My apologies, description for Pharma says no labs, still new to the site, appreciate the heads up. BP was on the high end but coming down as I’ve been off for a short bit. Waves of anxiety too, was really bad last week but starting to calm down some. Any recommendation to help HCT while on?

You could go donate blood. Make sure before you do that though, that your ferritin isn’t in the tank.

The anxiety is probably related to E2 climbing on you. E2 follows Free T but doesn’t react as quickly. Now that your T is falling, E2 is high in comparison to Free T and you are likely feeling the effects of that.

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“This is not a place to ask about sources, labs, websites, distributors, or brands.”

No worries. That’s “labs” in the context of laboratories that make gear, not labwork.

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Ahh, got it, thank you!

Gotchya. Its crazy, in the years I competed in the 90’s I’ve never felt anxiety like this before. Is the gear “different” nowadays?

I don’t know but I will tell you this…compared to the 90’s, your BODY is a lot different. Things change when you get older my friend. Welcome to the jungle!


Haha truer words have never been spoken, thanks!

You aren’t quitting test completely, are you? Think about just going to a cruise dose? I would hate to see what going cold turkey is going to do.

I did. Its not fun. Was having pain in the front right ribs area, that then went around to the side of my back. Having had minor issues with gallbladder in the past was thinking might have been that. Then anxiety set in and my mind had me thinking what if its kidneys, liver, or insert any other organ here lol. Blood work, CT Scan, ultrasound all was fine. Turns out my sports medicine, chiropractor was right from the beginning, pain is coming from intercostal and oblique muscle strain. Took a week and a half off from training, body needed it, was going full force since March with only a random day off here and there. Back in the gym 2 days ago, felt real good, no abs or movements with any twisting to my obliques for now. Will kick the gear regimen back in a week or two.

Sucks getting old lol.

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So heres a question…lately I been feeling edgy, antsy, little challenging to focus. When I’m active, in the gym, moving around I’m ok, but in my career I’m behind a computer for 12hrs and it’s like I can’t sit still lol. Normal?