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Had Reaction to Tamoxifen During PCT, Stopped Early. Advice?

Hi. Just joined. Could do with some advice. I did a 16 week course of steroids. Started on test 400 0.5 ml per week. Then gradually increased to 1ml twice a week. Then switched to sus 250 1.5ml twice a week for the remainder. They just blew me up I was bloated and lost all my natural definition. The problem was when I went to start my pct 2 weeks after my last jab. 18 tablets in and I reacted to the tamoxifen badly and had to come off. So I was in testosterone deficit for 5-6 weeks. I missed my pct window and lost all my gains. I’m now on and hcg course 500iu every 3 days. My balls are back to normal, erections not quite. I have 3 jabs left and I’d like to know if there is something else I should be taking with hcg? Should I do another course of 10 jabs? And can i just stop the hcg or am I facing another test crash? Thanks in advance

Why dont you describe this reaction to the Dex that you had? How do you know they were associated to that and not an oil in one of the 3 different Tests that you ran?

Man, lot to unpack here. Can you do us a favor and put this in chronological order and a little more neatly?

Weeks 1-5
Test E 200mg/w

Weeks 5-8
Test E 400mg/w


I was fine on the oils. It was about 5 days into the nolva. Started it 2 weeks after my last jab. I woke up, felt like I’d been punched in the left side of my face, felt like someone had twisted my eardrum and held it. Eyes swollen up and streaming. Eyesight blurry and felt like I was having a heart attack. My eyesight ok now but it took 3 weeks to clear after stopping nolva.

Week 1-6
Test 400 0.5ml Friday

Week 6-10
Test 400
1ml Monday. 1ml Friday

Week 10- 16
Sustinon 250
1.5ml Monday. 1.5ml Friday

Week 18
40mg nolva for 3 days
20ml nolva for 5 days

Gave it 6 weeks and currently on hcg 500ui every 3 days. Got 3 jabs left. Next one Thursday 25th April.
My balls have grown back, sex drive not quite. Shall I do another hcg course after this or just stop?

so you have used test 400 as 0.5ml

then increased to 2ml / week which means 1600 mg testosterone per week?

my suggestion is get a blood test. see how you are doing

You need another SERM so you can run a proper pct. Hopefully you won’t have the same issues on Clomid.

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No I believe he used 0.5ml of Test 400, which would give him 200mg per shot then moved to 1ml twice a week giving 800mg a week total.

OP, I would start low dose on the Clomid. It can be a harsh drug for men.


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Thanks my friend. Are there others other than clomid? Because they have similar sides to tamoxifen? My actual question on this post was whether or not I can come straight off hcg or do I need more. Or do I need to take something else with it. Was shut down for 7 weeks or so before I started hcg. My balls are back, sex drive and hard ons not quite. Thanks in advance

Clomid and Nolva are the standards for pct. Ralox is another SERM but nobody uses it for pct. You can discontinue the hcg now if you’d like. The whole purpose of it is to get your testes back to some version of normal, which it sounds like it has done.

Many thanks. I’d use nolvadex if I could tolerate it but it messed me up. Going to get back to normal then I’m thinking about another 12 week course starting July. Would you advise anti eostrogens throughout the course, then hcg the last 4 weeks? I need to sort some kind of pct because the last course was a waste. I’ve lost my gains but some has come back with the hcg.
My plan

Test 400
0.5 ml Monday and Friday 4 weeks

Test 400
1 ml Monday and Friday 4 weeks

Sustinon 250
1.5ml Monday and Friday 4 weeks

If you could give me some advice with other things to take with it to stop bloating that would be good. I though anti eostrogens. Do I take them throughout? And hcg last 4 weeks. Do I take anti estrogens with hcg also? Just need a pct man

These pics are me natural all year round. I’m an ectomorph. Hard gainer. I’d like to look exactly the same as this only with more size. Maybe you could think of a not so toxic course for me? If you could that would be great. Thanks in advance. Joe

Regarding the hcg… ur supposed to run the hcg during cycle to keep the testes alive. I have always stopped hcg at same time as t stosterone and began my pct. Running hcg by it self I have read that you need to start pct same as if u were coming off cycle… I personally am sensitive to tamoxifen and lose a ton of body fat during tamoxifen which makes my joints and back hurt so I only run 20mg for 2-3 weeks. I usually can feel my body’s natural test come back after about a week and a half. Hope that helps