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Had Pubertal Gyno Surgery. Advice for First Cycle?

Hi guys, I’m planning on running my first cycle of 400mg of Test E for 12 weeks, However I’m slightly concerned because I did have Pubertal Gyno (extremely puffy nips, but no hard lump/gland, it felt like fat), and I got it surgically removed a year ago. I was wondering, would running an AI like arimidex on cycle be enough to stop it from returning? Anyone here run PED’s after having pubertal gyno removed? Any thoughts would be helpful Thanks!

What I have read running nolva/clomid mid cycle can help prevent Gyno.

Test E at 400mg is like the bare minimum cycle yeah? I’d imagine it be hard to redevelop gyno with this cycle, especially for someone that had the gland removed and isn’t fat already

Currently sitting at 15% bf and I’m cutting down to 9-10% before I start. That surgery was very costly so I’d like to avoid it as much as possible. My plastic surgeon told me that the return of gyno without steroids is rare in most cases, but with Steroids idk how badly it can flare up as I’m most likely gyno prone.