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Had My First ART Session Today

I managed to get both my shoulders very unhappy with me. The left one I strained doing a 3 rep max bench back in October. I had managed to rehabilitate it pretty well on my own but I just couldn’t get where I could bench press or overhead press without any discomfort. The right one I managed to screw up about a week ago doing a one-arm row with a 65 lb dumbell of all things??

Who’s ever heard of a shoulder injury during a one-arm db row??

I’ve been doing 3 days a week training, total body each time. I really liked it cuz I only needed to be in the gym 3 days a week which is great for me. I’m guessing though that working my upper body with 4 exercises, 3 times a week wasn’t helping my shoulder along.

At any rate, I finally found someone here in Memphis, TN (GO TIGERS!!) who was certified in ART. When I walked in his office this morning, I couldn’t raise my arms or wrap them around my torso without considerable discomfort. Just raising my arms straight up in the air hurt like a bitch.

By the time he got done with me, I could do all that with no pain…just a slight feeling of tension in my left shoulder, but nothing like before. It’s been several hours now and I still feel great.

Only took about 10 minutes to do it all too…just amazing…

Made a believer out of me without a doubt :slight_smile: