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Had My Bloods Done

First post on T Nation - well, we all have to start somewhere, so here goes;

Background: My body and me have had a love hate relationship, since I can remember. I saw a Homer Simpson Tee Shirt once which stated “The liver is evil…it must be punished” and I totally get that . I have spent a good deal of my 46 odd years either treating my body like a landfill or alternating back to ‘buddist temple’ at regular intervals.

So in my teens I smoked, drank and tried just about every substance I could get my hands on and in return my body gave me a thumbs up by Olympic standards ED and a huge gut 95-98kgs .

20’s was the buddist temple phase - fit as a butchers dog , Karate, long distance swimming etc etc - weight was about 86 kilos - still the ED and regular injuries - pulled muscles , chronic back issues (mawashi geri’s are great to look at but they knock the crap out your spine)

30’s was not quite ‘landfill’ again but you know, kids, mortgages, wife , self employed , not exactly a recipe for getting ripped. Regular exercise took a major hit as did energy levels - but you kid yourself “any day I want I can go back in the gym and get it all back” . ED and 100kgs and nothing in the wardrobe fits anymore!

40’s - Graphs down on all fronts and time to start figuring some of this stuff out . Testosterone was always on my radar but its hard to pin this stuff down and as most of you on TNation will vouch for , the medical community are set up for volume production , "pack em and bag em and get that sucker out the door… there’s a queue outside " . I shouldn’t bitch because I’d probably be running the same racket myself if I had MD somewhere in my title.

Read a guy called Nelson Vergel - Testosterone: A Man’s Guide, and he pulled a lot of stuff together - hey I rate a guy who’s doing his research because he’s as good as on death row. He made the point that for a HIV guy serious muscle loss was the last stage before you checked out, and the converse was that lots of lean muscle was an insurance policy when you had a life threatening illness.

So had my bloods done and here’s some of the stats; (I have to apologize in advance for the variation in the SI units - I’m convinced the labs deliberately mixed up the conversion units just to piss me off)

TT; 9.2 nmol/L -doc said I was just a fraction low
FT; .41ug/L (thats Di-OH Test)
DHEAS 4.8umol/L
T4 ; 13.2 pmol/l
TSH; 1.43 mIU/L
E2: 133 pmol/L (I asked for estradiol -report just says ‘OEST’. I only paid â?¬450 for the bloods - that’s what you get when you go budget )
PSA; .51 ng/ML

That’s the endocrine stuff dealt with so what else is going on under the hood;

Uric acid gets gold at 492 umol/L
Cholesterol is fighting for medals at ;
Cholesterol 7.6nmol/L
HDL 1.0 nmol/L
LDL 5.2 nmol/L
Triglycerides 3.47 nmol/L

Now I know you’re probably thinking , what does those stats actually feel like ?

It’s like swimming in molasses with a breeze block on your head.

So the plan is (compliments of Nelson Vergel) to try get FT back up using something like Test E at say 250mg IM every other week and 50mg Clomid to mitigate the E2 - Logic there, to get some energy back and then get back into the gym to start putting on some ‘lean and mean’ .

Kudos for reading this far , I do rant on bit


I didn’t read most of your post because I couldn’t get through the folksy Irish illiteration and hyperbole. But looking at your bloodwork, you need to go back and fill in the lab ranges otherwise we can’t derive much. Also, you have the right Estrogen test. E2=Estradiol=Oestradiol in gailic


Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll keep this post brief as you’re allergic to hyperbole

Headline figures converted from previous post;

(converting some of the units is beyond me e.g. Di-Oh Testosterone 0.41 ug/L (range 0.33-1.20)??? )

here’s what I could convert to US units

TT; 265ng/dl
E2; 36.2 pg/ml
DHEAS: 1.38 ng/dl

Started IM 250mg x 1ml Test Enanthate eow and 50mg Clomid eod

Feeling the test’ benefits already but the clomid gave me a bad dose of PMT. Was this to be expected as Clomid is a receptor blocker and its not really addressing E2 levels?.

BTW looking forward to moving onto a good AI.

Also VT do you have a recommended/ideal ratio of TT to E2


Clomid is not a good product for TRT in my opinion. It merely blocks the estrogen receptor from actual estrogen, but only does this in preferntial tissues (breast tissue most notably). Better to take an AI instead of a SERM.

250 mg every two weeks is too infrequent and will lead to swings. You should inject yourself and do it twice per week. Same overall dose, just more frequent.