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Had My Appendix Removed


So I had to have my appendix removed yesterday. Surgeon said i'd only be 80% of where I was becaus the tissue will never be as strong. I say bullshit.

Anyone else been through this? How long did it take you to get back up to full strength. Surgeon said 12 weeks before any heavy training.


I’m a physician. While it’s true that the site of the incision won’t be quite as strong (for about 6 months) it shouldn’t matter if the incision is small enough in the long run. Most appendectomy incisions are 1-2 inches max and some are laparoscopic with only puncture wounds. It would be a good idea to take it slow as the surgeon directed because pushing it could result in wound failure: dehiscence initially and an incisional hernia late. They would both throw a huge wrench in your long-term training. It does suck now but it would suck more later to have those complications. Ultimately the tissue can be as strong but you can’t rush it. Good luck!


The surgery was laparoscopic so I guess that’s a plus. So you’re thinking 6 months before I’m really up to 100%

I’m trying to stay motivated. This actually came one week before a meet I was supposed to do.


Had mine out a few years back.

3 weeks fully off, maybe 6-9 weeks of very slow building, back to full strength within 4-5 months. Nothing has ever come of it since. Just be patient. There is nothing wrong with starting with non-core loading exercises (pulldowns, no leg drive benching, very light leg presses, etc) and just going in frequently and putting what feels like almost no effort. In fact, probably speeds recovery much like micro loading broken bones.


Thanks for weighing in with your experience. So I’m guessing you’re stronger now than before the surgery?

This time will help me work on weaknesses that sometimes I neglect with regular training. Namely mobility work and gpp.


Not a competitor and I wasn’t training when I had mine removed, but I did tear two of the incisions back open. I was helping my grandma move tables for the family Christmas thing and the ones to the left of and inside of my belly button ripped right back open when I was carrying one up some steps. It sucked. Just wanted to say be careful, really!