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Had Gynecomstia Surgery

I got gyno at age 17 from prohormone use. Ive suffered from this confidence killer for the past 5-6 years. I just got the surgery yesterday, I’m so glad I got that stuff cut out of my chest. I swear if you’re suffering from it the surgery is not bad at all! Didn’t even feel it, they put me under but I wasn’t completely sedated, the feeling was like I was there but I wasn’t, I could feel him working but it was not painful whatsoever. I “woke” up and couldn’t believe they were finished! I was honest to my surgeon about my drug usage & he said he would go ahead and remove the ENTIRE gland so I can’t get it again. He said he just usually lipos the area but he said guys like me usually get it again so he would just cut it all out so he’d never have to see me again. Now I want to heal back up completely and I’m excited to shift some more gears all over again just no more prohormones!!!, I’m a lifer at body building I knew that when I was very young. Any questions on the surgery ask me, I’ll keep posted on my progress. I’m not ashamed at all about this

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I had pubertal gynecomastia since I was like 12. I had my surgery when I was 22 and it was the best decision of my life; I’m 35.

In my case I was completely under, except I guess they did their calculations a little wrong and I woke up in the middle, but I was back out quickly.

I think it took a couple months before I could really push my chest workouts. I had to wear compression gear for something near a month and couldn’t bathe for the first week. But ultimately the minor pain and inconvenience was nothing compared to the confidence I gained being able to comfortably take my shirt off in public and in the bedroom.

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Sorry, I meant to congratulate you first but it slipped my mind. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! You know exactly what I was going through then, I’ve avoided so many women & relationships… events like swimming, going to to beach ect because of this. I’d get my body fat low to where my 6 pack would show and itd look worse. Congratulations, thank you for sharing it makes me feel so excited I can finally be happy!

So did your surgeon remove the entire gland? Can you run cycles and not feel any puffiness or symptoms. How long till your chested looked natural

Yes, he removed the glands. I haven’t felt any abnormal puffiness around the nipples on any cycles. I do still store fat in that area readily, but it’s nothing a bit of dieting won’t fix; when I get lean enough it goes away. I think my chest started looking proper just a couple months after when all the swelling finally went away. I looked better almost immediately.

Middle school was hell, I got picked on a lot about it and stopped enjoying swimming. I hid it well in highschool, but never played any sports that required I change or go shirtless.

I think you’ll be very happy to no longer have to be self conscious of your chest. Again, congratulations.

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Thank you very much this is a milestone for me. Ive fought so hard to become financially stable enough to pay for the surgery, take a month off work & pay all the bills around my house. It’s definitely been a been a battle but it’s all down hill from here. Now I can be sexy jacked & tan. Congrats on yourself brother!

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I also suffer from pubertal gyno, its not bad, but I do have puffy nipples, when not “hard” look very non aesthetic. I have just learned to live with it for now, but have thought about having surgery. What did it cost? And did you have actual hard lumps?

I got it when I was 12. Over the years I’ve accumulated more and more fat around the area. At first the fat gain which occurred just in this area hid the gyno. It made it look like just big pecs. But as i’ve gotten older the fat gain is too much and looks terrible. i get into single digit body fat every year to compensate but now even in single digit body fat it doesn’t reduce the pec fat enough for a pleasing appearance.
Anyway sorry for the long rant Im just so frustrated and have made the decision to get it removed. Can anyone recommend a good experienced gyno surgeon in Nj/NY area.

If it’s something you feel the need to take care of I highly recommend doing it, your mental health & confidence is important! I’ve struggled from depression & confidence issues due to gyno. I had hard pea sized lumps right under both nipples & then hard breast like tissue underneath that was less than the size of the lid on can of soda. Fortunately it was a very mild case & barely noticeable with higher BF% but I knew it was there & it became more visible the leaner I became. The surgery for the gland removal & liposuction was $5,500 for everything, $3,500 for just liposuction but the surgeon didn’t want me getting it again so he recommended the $5,500 which was the cutting of the gland. You also need to include time off work possibly depending on what you do, I do construction so I took a month off of work so I had to have enough money to where I could pay all my bills at home as well for the month. I imagine you could also finance the surgery through a bank or a financial institution through the plastic surgeons office if you don’t have the funds. I hope this answers your questions I’m happy to answer more!

You may just need liposuction? but I’m uncertain your chest looks great from your current photo. I had actual glands & glandular tissue growth. I recommend just googling a plastic surgeon that has lots of good reviews on Google. A lot of these plastic surgeons see this all the time and is very common for guys like us, as they do breast augmentations & surgery’s as such all the time. It’s a very minor procedure.

So may I ask since you no longer have glands do you still run an AI or something for estrogen control. I imagine you still don’t want your estrogen levels out of whack

I don’t currently run an AI, but my cycles have been relatively simple and light. It has nothing to do with gyno, just don’t want to add more variables than I need to; but I keep them on hand just in case. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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I don’t have anything “hard” under my nipples, but it feels like the area is more fatty.

I had an endo look at it and she confirmed there was no “gyno” but there is a fat accumulation I guess.

From my understanding there is several types of gyno & one kind that consists of fat tissue but I haven’t researched this subject in a long time. I literally had female glandular breast tissue growth under my nipples directly from the use of pharmaceuticals. Maybe go see another specialist you may get a better different answer that you’re satisfied with

That’s what I was thinking. I blame the drugs I chose to use directly for my gyno. But next time I’m gonna have AIs on hand

I recommend seeing another specialist if you really think something is wrong you may get the answer you’re looking for

Ok thanks. Yeah I had growth of the glands and it was very obvious when I was just a young kid and was just skin and bone with a flat chest. Like 2 hard painful walnuts. As I started working out and putting on muscle and gaining fat in the area it sort of hid it making it look more bulbous or like just big pecs. In the pic Im fairly lean which is what I have to do to make it look less conspicuos. But even at that level of leanness I can pinch a good amount of fat. Very disproportionate to the rest of my body. It’s also wearing on me trying to stay lean like that all the time at my age. Im 57 lol.

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I’d go with the recommendations of a plastic surgeon maybe just go for a consultation see their opinions on what they have to offer you. I took a peak at my chest & my chest looks better already no bullshit! Very happy with it already so worth it they did some liposuction & cut the glands… You’re 57!? You look absolutely fantastic by the way you make me feel like shit brother I can’t wait to hit a test only cycle thinking of diving right in Test E 750mgs for 16 weeks working out twice a day & eating like a horse I know I’ll just explode. My surgeon says I can return to full exercise & work after 30 days, you may just need liposuction get that shit sucked out skip lifts for a month I’m sure the juice will help heal you right up. You run HRT/TRT?

By the way I do construction for a living, I’m a physical laborer so I had to take a month off. But if you do office work or something you might just need 3-5 days off or just the 5 days till you get your drains removed. I am taking at least 4 weeks off before I return to work because my job requires me to be very physically involved. It’s taken me so much to reach this level it’s an absolute milestone for me! It’s been a such a struggle to reach this but I made it work. Better days are coming