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Had First Meet. Powerlifting Progression/Goals?

I’ve been training for powerlifting a little over 3 months now. I had my first meet this past Saturday (74kg class 314lbsqaut, 215bench 430deadlift).
I’ve hit higher numbers in the gym on squats and the bench (350squat 220bench). I plan on competing again this summer. Do these numbers sound to farfetched for my next meet (370squat 250bench 500deadlift)? I’ve literally just started training too. I worked out a planet fitness for a year (I know right), the first time I even touched a barbell was this past August. Any feedback is appreciated. Links to lifts:

Not at all, especially since you just started training. Good luck.

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Work on your bracing and learn to arch more, you have long arms so reducing ROM will help. And don’t lift in USAPL!


Thanks for the feedback. Why not the usapl?

I’m half joking, I don’t mean to discourage you from competing and in some cases that’s the most convenient option.

The IPF is messed up, there are a thousand problems with that fed and its affiliates (which include the USAPL). I would just steer clear of the whole thing. I used to compete in the Canadian IPF affiliate (CPU) but I’m done with them, it’s not worth the headaches. You are new to this sport so you probably have no idea what is going on, you can search “IPF” on this forum and there are several threads on the IPF’s problems. One person on this forum was the president of an IPF-affiliated fed and no longer deals with them either.

You are in the US, if I was you I would look for USPA meets. That seems to be the fed with the most going for it at the moment. Honestly though, I would rather compete anywhere else than IPF/USAPL, there are a whole bunch of federations and almost all of them have drug tested divisions as well.

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Ok, I see. I’ve thought about the USPA. I might do a meet with them and see how it goes.

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What @chris_ottawa said plus — don’t worry about your numbers.

Just keep getting bigger and stronger. Have goals but don’t let them be your end all be all. Next goal should be in 6 months to have a bigger total. Start there.


I wouldn’t even say I want to total X or lift X, y, and z, for someone who has only been lifting for 3 months those are some good numbers (especially the deadlift) and for all you know you might be able to exceed those goals. Just aim for continued improvement.

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Thanks, I’ll take that approach (progression over numbers).

They aren’t far fetched, but don’t focus on numbers. Work on improving your technique and getting bigger. Your peak will determine what numbers you hit in meet.

Also go USPA over USAPL. Or RPS, or anything that isn’t USAPL. Unless it’s the only option, of course.


Openpowerlifting.com has results from almost all the meets that occur (at least recent ones).

You can filter by lifters in you weight and category, and see lifters that have a similar starting total to you, and see how they progressed from meet to meet (if you click on someone their meet history comes up).

Given that you are just starting you should progress fast!


Thanks, that actually what I do. I have my next meet in June, so we’ll see how I progress!

Be consistent. Train smart. Avoid the “go heavy or go home” mantra.

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Mostly because sooner rather than later you’ll go home a little broken