Had Bloodwork. Testosterone Dropped

I recently had blood work done and my test dropped
from a 509 to a 482. I inject ever other day so there no ups and downs. And the funny thing is right after my last book work I upped my dose from 14 MG to 16mg every other day and it still is lower. Anyone know how this could be? Thinking of upping to 22mg every other day.

Did your E2 increase? This could be a reason for your Test dropping becasue its converting more to E2. Are you taking anything to prevent conversion?

I took anastrozole the day before. My e2 was under 11.

I did take some oxycodone and flexeril. Could that be it?

That’s such a minor amount that its normal. If you dropped 10-20% then you could worry, but that’s not even enough to sneeze at.

My free test went from top of range to bottom.

Should I up the dose and how do I get my e2 back up? I only took an 8th of a MG of anastrozole and it crashed my e2. I seem to be sensitive to all this shit.

maybe you need to get off the Adex for a while and retest.