Had an Ah Ha! Moment in the Gym Today

I have my first powerlifting meet coming up on August 2nd. Today I got my pre competition workout schedule that starts today and goes all the way up to the meet. All of the weights and volumes are based on Prilephin’s table:


I’ve been using a similar plan for the past 7 weeks and didn’t make the gains I was hoping to make. I want to stay with this routine because the coach that laid it out for me knows a whole hell of a lot more about powerlifting then I do. The weight that the table lays out for me is usually fairly easy when working in the 70-85% range and I don’t feel like I get enough of a workout. Even when the weight gets heavier the reps get so low that I still don’t feel like I get that much of a workout.

I was talking to a trainer at the gym today when he mentioned that I should use the main lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) to “grease the groove” and use my assistance exercises to get stronger.

Ah Ha!

Now it makes a lot more sense. I should be focusing on form when doing the main lifts. Then when I move on to the assistance exercises that’s when the fun starts and I can work as hard as I like to build muscle and strength.

I feel a lot better about my training now that I understand more of what is going on.

This is true to some degree, but you need some work in the main lifts with heavy weights in order to be used to them when it comes time to try and push them.

Two weeks before the meet I work up to 95% but the majority of the work is at 85%.