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Had a Two Hour Massage!!!!

I went with my buddy to get a massage.

Hes a regular, it was my first time.

He was trying to time our visit so that the hottest chick would be working.

She was easily a 7-8.

The other girls are decent, but the “hot” one is the hottest.

Anyways, were both sitting there waiting in anticipation as to which one of us would get the hot one.

The first girl comes out, decent but not the hot one, we hold our breath…she calls my buddies name.

He mutters dammit and kicks me. I end up with the hot girl.

No happy ending, but I got her number atleast.

Oh and massages are the shit, you have to get one every once in a while.

My back had huge knots in it, she was like crushing me with her elbow.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Each time I go to the chiro, she puts light electric stim on my back and then puts a huge ass moist heat that covers my entire back, and I usually fall asleep face down on the table.It’s excellent.[/quote]

Ditto here! When she returns in 15 or 20 minutes, sometimes I’ll wake up from such a deep sleep wondering “where the fuck am I?”
Then she does the massage.

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