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Had a Partial Knee Menisectomy

Before two days I passed through partial knee menisectomy. I torned meniscus in my left knee before 2 years, I decided to fix it now because it started to getting worse.

6 hours after operation I was able to walk without braces or cructhes, and it gets only better now. I do exercises I received from physical therapist every two hours, followed by 15-20 minutes of ice packs on the knee.

I doesn’t feel any pain or sweeling or popping in the knee and as I know I rehab fantastic for now. Also didn’t take any pain killers after opearation.

I expect to walk normally in few days and about sport activity I will listen my knee but if rehab continue like this I hope to be on track in a month (but for high impact activities like sprints, deep squars, and deadlifts I will wait longer probably).

Still don’t know how muchpart of meniscus is taken out, doc sad it was just a litlle tear on lateral meniscus. I want to say that I really strengthen up my leg muscles before operation because I heard it’s the most important factor for fast rehab after operation. I almost doubled my deadlift, quadriceps extensions, and harmstrings curls.

What’s your experience over this operation, how fast did you rehab and got back on lifting weights and other high impact activities?

I had the same surgery 4 years ago. The biggest thing for me was it was 4 weeks between my tear and my surgery so my walking gait got messed up. I followed the rehab to a T. I performed rehab with a PT 2x a week for 5 weeks. I hit my upper body real hard post surgery, did some single leg training on my good leg and rehab on the injured leg. I took my time getting back to heavy leg work, I’d have to look at my log but it wasn’t very long, maybe 4 weeks post rehab so something like 10 weeks post surgery. I’m in it for the long haul so no need to rush. I haven’t had any issues with the knee since and have beaten all pre surgery PRs.

It’s almost two weeks passed since operation.

Rehab goes better than I could imagine, so I walk perfectly normal for a week now, go to a gym and riding a bike. Have no any pain or anything. I use stairs without pain.

In the gym I don’t do anything that put pressure on the knee so I can’t do squats, deads, overhead standing press, farmer walks…mainly my main excercises. Nevermind it’s good to change routine and kick in some new excercises for two or three months.

However it seems that my pre-operation leg muscles strengthening helped so much with rehab. It’s not common to ride a bike week after operation. Hope it will stay that way and I can’t wait to hit on deads again. I read somwhere that they can be used in knee rehabilitation, that sounds weird to me, if anybody can proof or denie speak.