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Had a Grueling GPP Workout Today!

My GF had her heart set on getting a Christmas tree today. Since we don’t have a car to our disposal I approached it like a true T-man.

I got the fat ass tree and walked with it for like 3 miles on my shoulder, hugging-style, etc. When I finally got home I was totally worn out but it was the best endurance workout I’ve had to date I can tell you that :wink:

So if any T-Nation members still don’t have their Christmas trees up I’d advise you to do it old school, it’ll be one hell of a workout!

Holy shit dude, that’s fucking sweet! She probably thought you’re a freakin animal! Outstanding!


You are now the pine air freshener in you car!!!

Some of the best GPP sessions are those done for something productive.

Great Job!

tell me you got some after that.

Nice GPP workout.

[quote]ZEB wrote:
Some of the best GPP sessions are those done for something productive.


Shovelling snow comes to mind.

I’m curious.

What do you guys considering a GPP workout?
What is your definition and role of the GPP?

I’m telling you guys. Get a job on the weekends in December at a Garden Center hauling Christmas trees.

Every Sat/Sun I get a brutal GPP workout, not too mention getting paid for it. Plus the tip money is pretty good.

Shit man, you’da better have gotten another GPP workout after all that. If you know what I mean.

ha kidding.

Impressive. How many looks did you get from people driving by with their car?

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!

I did get some funny looks lol but I don’t care, I loved it all the way :slight_smile:

My GF thought I was crazy and she thought I’d never make it lol, I proved her wrong hehehe

How much do you think the tree weighed? I ask because Steve Justa, in his book Rock, Iron, Steel, made mention of the fact that he once walked 2 miles with a 200 lb. vest (he made the vest himself). I’m guessing the tree didn’t weigh nearly 200, at least I hope not, but hauling something for 3 damn miles is still pretty good.

Maybe this should be the T-Nation Christmas challenge - walk 3 miles carrying something (doesn’t need to be an actual tree) that weighs the same as the tree!

A really friggin thick tree thats about 8-9 ft weighs around 50 pounds. A 10 + footer can weigh probably about 80.

Cut trees, I mean.

On friday here in Montreal with had 12 inches of snow fall within hours. so I shoveled snow all morning to get myself out of places and also help some people out totallying in several hours of shovelling. I decided i did not need any extra GPP/Cardio that day.

Impressive stuff.