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Hack Wilson Pictures?


You still going to post some of your lifting pics???


I'll bet he has a good single arm bicep pose for ya!!!


Ca...ca...ca...ca...CALL OUT!


I would like to see the "ex-NFL".

"Best lifter award winner at a national meet"

Pics as well.


Me too.


Dammit...is this dude a troll?

I just spent like 10 minutes typing a reply to him on another thread. I am going to be pissed if I wasted my internet message board time allotment.

I have got to stay up to date.



How did we go from 'are you going to post pics' to 'is this guy a troll' in fifteen minutes?

Yeah. I'll post some. When I can. I don't think that this is my number one deliverable right now, though. Please proceed with calling me liar or a fake or whatever.


haven't you been saying this since September?


You know...I don't mind anyone thinking I'm a troll. It's the INTERNET!

But I will post some pics (back shots of me lifting...I don't want people to know who I really am). And there is one guy on the board who knows me and I know him (fairly well). He might jump in and tell you I am what I say am (not that it's all that much).


What does that mean, exactly?


Maybe. I don't know. Keep monitoring the situation. Good use of your time.

It's easy enough for me to get a pic of me training. Problem is, I seem to focus on training and forget to yell, "Hey, Honey! Can you take a picture of me to post on a website so people don't call me a troll!?!"

Jesus. Just say I'm a liar and a 98-pound weakling. I don't care.


Just out of curiosity, I'd like to see these lifts too. I don't really care who this guy is so much as that he can actually lift what he says he can.


Well.....hmmmmmmm.....I guess it means I'm a liar. Whatever you want it to mean. Could mean I've got other things to do and I'm not focused on appeasing the T-Nation folk.

Congrats on the degree, by the way.


"I'll show you guys......BAM!!, rear Bicep"

Because I don't want anybody to know who I am. But I will still berate anybody and everybody with 600 word posts.

Even though I don't have time to waste on T-Nation.

This all sounds REAL familiar.


That's great. I'll find something. I am way more concerned with having people NOT know who I am with if they believe anything I say.


Obviously you are trying to appease the T-Folks. You are responding in this thread correct?

600+ posts since August shows you have a little bit time on your hands. The fact that you cant "find time" to upload a single picture seems like.....how you say.....bullshit.

Keep wiggling your way out of it.


Well then...call me a fraud! I don't care. I think - if review any post that I've made on training - it's fairly obvious that I know what I'm talking about. And you CAN disregard every fucking word I type.


Are you going to dare me to put my tounge on the fence post, too?


Damn PGA, did your nutsacks drop recently?


You can know what your talking about and still have the physique of a cancer patient.