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Hack Squats

I just tried these for the first time today.

Kicked my a*&!!!

If you haven’t tried them I suggest giving them a go. Really taxed the quads, hams , low back, CALFS, and grip. They also seem to force you to have great form by keeping you sitting back in your stance do to gripping the bar behind you.

Compared to deadlift, my hack sqaut was 60lbs less for a 1RM. I am sure this will go up the more I include them.

They are sure to be in my regular leg rotation now.


If you want to try something real “fun”, try putting Front Squats (11/2’s) before hand.

In faith,

Coach Davies

i love them!!!

mines about the same as my dead, maybe a little less, which is alot more than my normal squat. only quad exercise i do…

CD, Thanks I will give it a try once my foot heals.

The real reasoning behind me trying them out in the first place is due to the fact I fractured my Big toe and had to search for something that wont bother it. Sqauts right now I just cant do if I want it to heal. Deads and GM’s dont bother it for some reason, but after several weeks of them I wanted something to switch it up.

The hack squat worked great worked great.

I’ll tell you how bad it kills me though once I have the ability, hopefully soon.

:smiley: hack squats are the dog’s bollocks; the mutt’s nuts; and everything else that dogs like… like foxy women’s legs unF unF

Coach Davies,
How is the 1 1/2 hack squat done?
Is it from the floor half way up, back to the floor, all the way up = 1 rep

Or is it from the floor all the way up, lower bar half way down, return to top position, then all the way to floor = 1 rep.

[quote]If you want to try something real “fun”, try putting Front Squats (11/2’s) before hand.

In faith,

Coach Davies[/quote]

Boss he rcomended front squats not 1 1/2 hack squats.

And (11/2) not 1 1/2

Hope that helps


Thanks for catching that mistake, :slight_smile:
I must have been reading WAY to fast…lol

Yeah baby, hack squats are the shizznit. I started doing them about two months ago along with ass-to-grass squats on alternate workouts. The girls I train with all like the part at the end when you lockout, and your pelvis shifts forward. Last time, they were yelling “give it to me, honey!” and shit like that. Hehehehe. I’d ruin them.

Two questions:

I’ve seen one-and-a-halfs (1 1/2) recommended before, but not 11/2…what are these?

I have trouble with BB hack squats – do you guys stand all the way up? When I try them, the bar can’t make it past my ass and it turns out to be a rather clumsy movement.

Can someone please explain Coach Davies response on the Front squats, what does (11/2) mean? laters pk

I think Coach D meant 1 1/2 not 11/2…

In faith,

sorry for the confusion. I meant 1 1/2 Front Squats - squat to the basement, up to parallel, back down and then drive upward to start position, thus concluding the rep.

I hope that helps.

In faith,

Coach Davies

I agree Matt - One and a halfs on front squats.

Thanks for the clearing that up coach.

The ole toe is starting to feel a little better, so it wont be long befor I give this a go, and I had actually taken the 11/2 as meaning 11x2. Boy, That would have been fun.


When you get the bar to your butt, that’s when you “pelvic thrust” a little to get to lockout. That’s what I was referring to in my earlier post about my girls and their “encouraging words” while I was hack squatting. And believe me, I WOULD ruin them. Oh yes. The little tramps.

Right Side Up

If you hold the bar with a shoulderwide grip you should be alright. Unless you got very short arms;-)


You are supposed to stay back on your heels when you squat anyway…why it is hurting your big toe? :slight_smile: just kidding.

Thumper it is actually behind the big toe, in the big round pad of the foot and further. It is near the top of my ROM of the squat that for some reason it just aggrevates the hell out of it.

Dont ask me.

From The bottom to a little above parallel is a.o.k. near the top and PAIN.

I think it is almost healed though. I have been taking it very easy on it and the general pain is starting to dwindle. I am going to take it easy the rest of this week and next week is a planned week off of active rest. After that I will give it a try.

I may be weird but I actually miss squating, and I hate being hampered in my w/o’s.

Thanks for the advice though.


It wasnt advice. It was just good natured ribbing…very similar to
“Ah, quit your whining and squat you little nansy boy!”

Hope it heals…if only for that fact that maybe you will quit your griping. sheeesh. hehehehe (that was ribbing also)