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Hack squats

Is there a ratio of regular deadlift to hacksquat poundage. I figure that regular dealift is much higher since it also incorporates lower back in the movement. Also i think that i need to elevate my body to start off in a lower crouch position so i can hit the quads more. With the barbell being right below my calves i felt nothing on my quads except for when i did partial reps at the top part of the motion for finishers after every set. Is this suggested? Any other responses or suggestions in regards to the barbell hack squat. Thank you, PK

There are too many variabilities in exercise performance and body structure to come up with an ideal hack squat/deadlift ratio. A better example might be comparing back powerlifting style squat to front squat. I feel a 70% ratio here would be good. As for your deadlift hitting your quadriceps the issue of your body structure can’t be overlooked. The deadlift is more of a posterior chain exercise no matter how you perform it. For more quadriceps development you might try doing snatch grip deadlifts, podium deadlifts (deadlifts standing on a block), or trap bar deadlifts with an upright torso. hope this helps!

thanks for the input. you really think a 70% front squat to back squat ratio. That’s a lot i believe. I’m 5’9" 205lbs and i’ve done 275lbs full range squats for 3x6reps. i can’t do 192.5 front squats. My usual weight is 135-155lbs. I think it has to do with my lack of flexibility and the uncomfortable wrist position. I prefer to do front squats using the olympic hold but my wrist flexibility varies from week to week for some reason. I’m going to get that sting ray product and then hopefully my poundages will shoot way up even though you can only hold it BB style cross-armed.
As far as the deadlift goes, i need to elevate my body above the bar so i could start in a lower position. I believe this will help me build more stregth at the bottom. laters pk