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Hack Squats Substitute


I frequently do free weight squats.

However tonight for quads I am scheduled to do leg press followed by hack squat machine and leg extensions.

Since there is no hack squat machine at my gym, what exercise would be the closest to this? Lunges, smith machine back squats?

i saw there is also free weight variation of the hack squat however it looks like a complex movement to learn.


ill substitute the hack squats with bulgarian split squats as they both appear to target the teardrop


I've used a Smith machine with my feet out in front of me, but it's probably ill-advised to try to use the same amount of weight with this method as with a hack squat machine.


Barbell Hack Squats.


I wasn't aware that hacks target the teardrop. I've actually been doing them the last month or so 'ass to ankles' trying to beef up my upper quads and outer sweep.....



If you turn your feet out and touch your heels, then do the hacks it will target the teardrop.


A.K.A The frog stance hack squat