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Hack Squat Question

Tried hack squats today (I’m already doing front squats and want another quad dominant squat variation). You don’t get much of a range of motion, do you? I mean, with 45# plates, it seems like you hit the ground almost immediately. So I was thinking about doing these elevated, but it occurred to me that since the knees go waaay forward on these, that doing hack squats elevated would endanger the knees. I seem to recall a lot of people complaining about knee pain with hack squats and I want to stay healthy. Any advice from EXPERIENCED hack squatters? Thanks.

If you’re just learning how to do them, ut them on some plates. IE rest the 2 45lb plates on the plates on the floor.

Since no one else has given you a response i will give you my 2 cents. When i do hack sqauts I have the same problem as you so I usually just stick 25 pound plates under my heels which i think gets me a little more out of the movement. It has never hurt my knees, but i guess that varies from person to person.

snatch grip anyone?