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Hack Squat, Front Squat, or Leg Press for Quad Hypertrophy?

@PC which is the best for quads in your opinion (hack squat machine, front squat or leg press)?


All can be used.

The best one is going to be the one that best suits your structure and allows you the greatest amount of knee flexion without compensating with hip flexion.

Also another reason why the squat isn’t a great choice for everyone when it comes to quad building. But I digress.

All three of those are solid choices if you’re adhering to the point above, i.e. getting significant knee flexion along with significant stability to produce a lot of output.

This is why hacks and leg press can actually be better choices over fronts as well. You need a lot of internal stability to perform fronts, but with hacks and leg press there’s external factors that create more stability. The pad for your back does that, so long as you’re maintaining neutral spine.

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Ty much appreciated

Would the bodyweight leg extensions you mentioned in your No Weights, Big Wheels article or sissy squats be good replacements for leg extensions, if looking for a quad movement that isn’t very taxing and if limited with equipment?

Yes it can work for that. You’re not loading the quads in the shortened position like a leg extension but just as a “replacement” movement then yes it can work.

BANDED hack squats! You mentioned them somewhere on here, I tried it, and it’s absolutely my favorite quad builder now.

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