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Hack Squat Bigger Than Deadlift

It didnt seem right to me, but my hack squat is a little stronger than my deadlift. Is this right or am I screwed up somewhere?

Yes…you are screwed up somewhere

sweet… where?

wait let me rephrase that, what do I do to fix that?

How do you perform your hack squat? (serious question) Is it similar to this? exrx.net/WeightExercises/Quadriceps/BBHackSquat.html

yea, except the bar scrapes the hell out of the back of my legs

Do you have any pics or vids of you performing your deads/hacks? If you did that would be awesome. but i’m assuming you don’t so i’m going to say that your form on dead is off. It’s tough to examine where it is your messing up at since you haven’t really given us anything to work with, chief.

I (personally) think that hack squats are retarded.

If you can do more with hack squat then here are my suggestions:

1.) Stop doing hack squat
2.) Deadlift first in your training
3.) You probably have been deadlifting for less time then hack squat
4.) Your form for one/both is wrong

figure out your goals and get back to us kiddo.

Im trying to get my deadlifting numbers up and id been doing deadlifts for 8 straight weeks. I figured id step back from straight deadlifts for 3 weeks, during which i did variations of the lift. So i dont do deadlifts and hack squats on the same day and I’ve been doing deadlifts longer than hack squats. I think it might be my form for hack squats… ill get back to you on that.

if your trying to get your DL numbers up and wanna step away from regular deads that’s a good idea.

variations you can use are:

adding bands
adding chains
deficit pulls
trap bar pulls
speed pulls
deload weeks

It’s my form on hack squats, its off… a lot. A guy helped me out and they’re a lot harder when done the right way lol. I was doing a little hunching and some other retarded stuff

Was anyone going to get around to asking what those numbers are? A 600lb hack and a 500lb deadlift is nothing at all like a 200 lb hack and a 150 lb deadlift.

oh 405lb deadlift and 435 lb hack squat