Hack Squat against Back Squat

I currently do hack squats, mainly due to availability of equipment. Are they equal to back squats for leg (quad) development,

In otherwords. Are there any changes to reps or sets i would have to make doing Hack Squats to get the same muscle building ability as if I were doing Back Squats. Hack squats go from parallel, so I’m guessing no. I just need some experienced input from people who already do, or have done, Hack Squats.

BTW I want hypertrophy. If that piece of information is of any relevance to the question.

Do you mean machine hacks, or BB hacks?

If it’s the machine version, just make sure you use a full ROM and wory about increasing the weight. If it’s the BB version, perhaps try doing them from a platform so you can get more ROM.

Really any variation of squats can build muscle.

Sure, some might consider BB back squats to be the best lower body developr (not saying I disagree), but if all you’ve got access to are hacks, then just do them and worry about increasing the weights you use on them.

Monkey, as Sentoguy said, any squat will build muscle. Hacksquats will do a good job on quads. If I remember correctly you have gym with a barbell and no rack. Between deadlifts and hacksquats your legs will get a good workout. I have a long waist so when I do them the bar hits my ass but they seem to work for you. It must be the monkey in you. If you’re like me and want focus on quads, you could do front squats. First learn to clean, which is a good goal in and of itself and then front squat.


Do you have a preacher bench? Try doing zercher squats.

[quote]stuward wrote:
It must be the monkey in you.

Sure is.

I currently have four pieces of mat on each side of the barbell so the weights do not smash onto the floor, so that could suffice at the moment as a raised platform.

I thought that Hack squats would have been a good exercise to do, I just prefer them to back sqauts (don’t flame me), one as I have not really ever done them, and because the barbell is on the back, and I feel more comfortable doing Hack’s. Thanks for the input guys.

I don’t think that anyone would flame you for no doing back squats. Actually not everyone should be doing them. They can be hard on your back if you’ve had a previous injury and depending on your body proportions that may not be comfortable. Hack squats are a very good alternative. Compared to leg extensions, you’re light years ahead.