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Habitat - Rate It

what do you think?

Buzz buzz…

I like your title, it sounds almost forcefull. you should do a parady of M Jacksons ‘Beat It’ just like Weird Al but with lyrics like;

rate it, rate it, rate it, rate it,
i don’t care if you hate it, rate it,

People usually like stats when people post a picture, there diet and routine as well. I do however think you deserve a higher rating then what you currently got.

need more pics… dont just post ur most flattering muscle or pose… if u want a real critique post multiple angles

from the looks of it u have decent arms (minus the forearm)and
ur chest traps and back are small

instead of rate my back is this “rate my arm”?? Dude, this is rate my physique…u gotta post more pictures if you want a better score