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Habitable Planet Found!


Am I the only nerd around here getting a bit too excited?


No, I was pretty excited too: http://news.discovery.com/space/earth-like-planet-life.html?AID=10364309&PID=3792338&SID=&URL=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.discovery.com%2Fspace%2Fearth-like-planet-life.html&ecid=AFF-7975437&pa=affcj


oh yeah, its totally in the neighborhood too, maybe i'll hit it up spring break.... oh wait


In astronomical terms, it is actually really close...


If both systems were male, it would be borderline ghey.. That's how close it is!


They dont even know if theres water there yet. It's the right temperature for life, that's about it. Very cool though.


Lets go and explore... like those brave men did centuries ago, and whom all their contemporaries called crazy.


Yea, I'm excited about it too!

But there's nothing we'd be able to do but take pictures :frowning:


We should buy land there, while prices are still low....


Sweet, lets go pollute another planet into submission.


That is indeed quite awesome.


Gliese 581g is the planet. It's about three times the mass of the Earth. Unfortunately, we would only be able to lift 1/3 of the weight we can do on Earth on Gliese 581g... On a more interesting note, any life on that planet would be much smaller than organisms here.


Whoa, whoa, slow down bro... what's the relative radius? Ya gotta consider that, cuz you know, gravity is like, you know, related to distance by the inverse square and stuff.

Sorry, engineer(ing student) rage right there lol.


Surface gravity is 1.1 â?? 1.7g

Source: Wiki of course


Life wouldn't necessarily be smaller. Just because the force of gravity might be stronger on the planet does not necessarily mean they would be smaller if there is life. If anything it would just mean that they would need better support (eg. thicker legs, stronger structural polymers, etc.) and that they might be lower to the ground in general in order to have a lower center of gravity.

What I find oddis that the planet is tidally locked. it would totally throw your circadian rhythm for a loop. You wouldn't be able to differentiate between one time from another due to the fact that you're always either in the light or the dark. I'm wondering if any living organisms (if there are any) have any action that resembles our sleep or have they evolved in such a way that they do not require it.


How have they come to all these conclusions about this planet while actually knowing very little about it?


I think its adorable how we assume life on other planets conforms to the idea of legs


The conclusions are fairly straightforward once the planet's mass and proximity to parent star are determined

We'll eventually be able to determine the atmospheric composition of these exoplanets, and maybe even in our lifetime. Its that whole interstellar travel thing that aint happening in our lifetime...


Yeah, and astrophysicists can do some pretty crazy clever stuff, like determine the chemical makeup of a star by looking at the light it emits, and tell if a planet is there by looking at the subtle changes in the star's position.


YES! Let's go FUCK IT UP!

Unintentionally of course.. . over thousands of years.. but let's go FUCK IT UP!