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h20-sports & Androsol ?

How would one maximize the benefits of an/nandrosol if engaging in a h20sport regularly ? i surf a few times a week or more.if androsol can be washed off in the shower then im assuming its going to come off when im in my wetsuit for a few hours.i usually surf in the late afternoons to evenings.is it basically a timing issue?re-apply after i surf?also,it seems to be a catabolic type sport.2-3 hour sessions at a time.what can i take pre-surf to minimize.ialready live off of shakes all day,so i drink one immmediately after im out of the h20(would the new post workout drink be applicable? since surfing is not exactly weight training)…anyway,any replies would be great .i dont care if u surf or not…but if there are any t-men who do and have any useful advice on surfing and weight training and such ,all the better…by the way ,the posts on the smart-drugs sound very appliicable to sports…im enjoying those posts as well.

Apply in the morning. Surf in the evening, shower afterwards, apply again to dry skin. No prob.

keep your blasphemous sexual proclivities to yourself pal

There is nothing better than surfing while on 600mg/week of EQ. Great pumps, endurance, feels like you can paddle all day. After a 3 hour session, your lats feel like they are gonna explode. Damn, I’m getting stoked just thinking about it. Don’t know if that answers your question but, just a personal experience from a surfer/weight lifter…Peace

Even if the 4-AD is removed from the surface
of the skin while in your wetsuit, the
results we have from animal experimentation
with other compounds indicates that you
still get flux through the skin for at
least a couple of hours after removal of
compound from the surface of the skin, due
to the skin being saturated internally with
the compound. So, just reapply after you’ve
dried yourself off, and don’t worry about
being “without” for a couple of hours, which
probably would not be the case.

thanx 4 the replys…bill,im so glad u told me about that animal research…i feel that im not wasting androsol…it makes sense too, that it lasts after penetrating the skin…DA GIMP,WASSUP…thanks for the reply…i was hoping for that kind of info…is EQ equipose?im interested to say the least…why were you taking it? i mean what is it best for ?size?strength?both?cutting up…and i have no idea what "M the C " IS refering to