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H2- Woah!


Something so very simple, but something than can be so easily overlooked by many- Water. It was originally stated by one of "The Seven Wise Men," Thales, that water was the origin of all matter. Although this sounds strange to us now, it may not be too far off from the truth, especially in bodybuilding.

Water, the essence of life. It covers approximately 70% of the earth, and ironically, approximately the same amount is found in one's body...Hmmm...In terms of Bodybuilding, well Water is needed for all forms of metabolic processes, including protein synthesis.

Some Benefits of Water:

-Water helps clear toxins from the body. Water can help flush out toxins and metabolic wastes produced by the body. This is especially important in a high protein diet, as it helps removes excess nitrogen, Urea, and Ketones. If you're eating huge quantities, then you need that extra water to help your kidneys do their job.

-Water helps metabolize fat. Back to the kidneys, without enough water, they cant function properly. When something like this happens, some of the load is transferred to the liver. Now, the liver can metabolize stored fat for energy. So if the liver is pulling some of the weight the kidney is supposed to be, then it wont be doing ITS job to the fullest potential.

-Water keeps you regular. If you arent taking in enough, your body steals it from organs such as the colon. This can result in constipation. On top of that, water helps your digest your meals more efficiently, which is especially helpful when consuming 4k+ calories a day.

-Water also helps in helping use supplements efficiently. Some supplements like Creatine rely on water. Not to mention, most supplements are water soluble. If you pound down those supplements, and dont drink shit for water, you'll literally be pissing money away.

So are YOU getting enough? No, Coffee, Soda, etc dont count as water. As a matter of fact, fluids like that actually increase fluid loss through diuresis, an increase of urine production by your kidneys. So how much is enough? Well, this can loosely depend on your amount of muscle, and activity level. I personally drink approximately 2 gallons daily.

So, to sum up the gist of this thread- have you actually ever taken a moment to look at how much water you drink in a day. Are YOU drinking enough?

I recall equating bodybuilding to constructing a building. Very basically of course, i called the Protein the Bricks, and the Carbs the workers. Continuing with this example, id have to say that Water is the cement. Without enough, you cant build a large, stable, strong, solid structure.

Drink up, folks.


I consume 7-8 litres per day (interesting, bulk of it in the peri-workout window. I tried "not drinking" during training, ended up feeling shit, like someone who just drank too much vodka). It's great, you all know, that in this heat your gym clothes soak in wet soo much as you've just had a shower in them.

It's great, and helps, because:
-without it, I can't take a dump
-without it I'd sit almost all day in my ass, not taking a pee regulary. That would make me a sedentary geek.
-without it my face is full of acne, burning from pain, disgusting as some kind of dermatological disease. >h
-without it I wouldn't feel hunger. It shortens the travelling-time of food through my stomach.

In the end, it turns out, that water actually helps you to avoid bloating, cleanse your gut, and I think it's even healthier for the kidneys if you are on a high-protein, high-nutrient diet.

Excuse my not changing metric units to us, it would ended up in a fraction-number, which I hate. :slightly_smiling:


I drink enough so my urine is almost-clear. Simple as that.




I was just gonna say if you aren't peeing near clear most of the day you aren't getting enough water.


Coffee is a diuretic, but it is still hydrating, just not as much as drinking water.


I make my best strength/size gains when tracking my water so i get a gallon a day.


i carry a nalgene bottle around with me all day and I drink between 1-2 gallons a day... and pee constantly. Definitely a down side having to pee like an old man every hour


I was actually going to ask...

Do you guys buy gallons of water from the store?

Use a filter (sink faucet or one of those pitchers)

Go with tap

I used to go to this asian water place and bought a couple of those gallon containers and filled it up there. 25 cents/gallon. Place is kinda of far so I've been relying on a filtered pitcher but its a little impractical since I live with 3 other people and we all use it (and I like my water cold).


^^Ive got a brita water filter and holds a gallon or more. I fill that up and then use it to refill my nalgene bottle. I notice that if I dont have my nalgene bottle I wont drink very much water throughout the day but if I have my Nalgene I'll drink water all day long




I was going to suggest perhaps correcting Akuma intelligently if he is indeed wrong, but then I remembered this is the internet.


I find the easiest time to get down a lot of liquid is during a training session. Buying a large Nalgene bottle (2L) like the one sold on this site is great.

H20 gives ya great pumpz and dumpz


The old guy at work said to me "You and I must have the same size bladder" after hitting the can the same time as him all day long one day - I dind't have to heart to tell him the only reason I go so often is because I'm drinking over around a gallon of water while at work (usually have 3-4 nalgene's full during the work day).


If my physio is still somewhat accurate...

I was under the impression that beverages such as soda were high in not only sugars, but salt.

This increased intake of salt increases solute concentration in the body, forcing the kidneys to work to retain more water and decrease the reabsorption of these solutes. This is why your pee is yellow when you're not drinking enough water. I wouldn't say it increases urine production but drinking things like soda will make you thirstier (ion balance is messed up). Thus you need to drink more water to normalize the solute concentration.

Bottom line. Water over soda and other crappy beverages. BUT realize that when you train/exercise, you are sweating and thus losing more than just water. You need to replenish the salt and other ions you lose due to perspiration.


Good idea, I need to put my nalgene bottle to good use. I don't think my brita filter holds a gallon though. I need to get one of those faucet filters and fill that sucker up and let it chill over night and sip through out the next day.


Oh yeah...

I'm experimenting with adding Surge Workout Fuel liquid flavoring to a big gallon of water and drinking it throughout the day as I'm a sucker for sweet drinks. Orange didn't work out too well...going to try grape next.


Sure, i could have a wrong point here or there in my threads, but the general idea in this remains the same: Drink More Water. Lol but thanks for contributing with your Word.

Most of the time, people will be stunned when i tell them how much water i drink. All too often, i talk with people who hardly drink half a gallon a day. Moral of the story is drink your water.


I drink around a half gallon of milk a day, but that's about it for liquids. Seems that I need to step up my drinking, especially in the bulk i'm starting in a week. I'll get one of thos quart bottles to take to classes and try to drink 2 per day.


...more like...gotta-raid...the water cooler...for more water.