Hey all in the last 6 months Ive made some great gains, going from 150-190. Lost my ab definition but am still lean and very much in shape. My question is about pham use. Ive read the forums here, have done my research. I have a body building coach who wants me to try the pro hormone “H-Stane”. I understand its a halodrol clone. He says i don’t need a pct … but this is the guy telling me he takes a E blocker during his test cycle…

My gains are slowing and I want to bodybuild… but am only 20. I understand my endocrine system is still developing; how harmful would a cycle be? Im finding mixed reviews on the net.
Also am a student of kinesiology, rip me to shreds if thats what it takes but i want honest info.

ALSO diets on point, high calories… i have a feeling i should wait on this.

I did an H-Stane cycle last year when I was 20. And I regret it every day. Didnt gain shit from it and it fucked up my system. You definitely need PCT for it. It may be a mild PH but shut down is shut down. Estrogen blocker during PCT is used to prevent estrogen rebound. Honestly if you want to bodybuild, and you are considering PH, just do the real shit. Im 21 now and am 6 weeks into my first test e cycle. If I wouldnt have taken that H-Stane I would have never done steroids.

But the problems H-Stane caused me afterwards with libido and stuff, I figured I mind as well jump on now. Really really think about what you are doing before you decide to do it. I say either do the real stuff or nothing at all. PH are weird, and theres no research on them.

Thanks I will stay away. Good luck with your health hopefully everything will rebound.

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Nope heard of Shit-Stanes though, have you tried that?

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