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H.R. Bill 4167: National Unity for Food Act

I don’t like the idea of centralizing this sort of control with the FDA, as they already have a pretty substantial amount of control over foods and supplementation and eliminates State-specific food safety laws.

It also sounds as though it will restrict the information available to the consumer and that you may not know what is or has ben done to your food – hormones, genetic modification, etc.

I’m curious what all of you think, pros or cons.



[quote]H.R. Bill 4167: National Unity for Food Act


National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005 - Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) to prohibit any state or political subdivision from establishing or continuing in effect for any food in interstate commerce:

(1) any requirement that is not identical to specified FFDCA provisions (that would result in materially different requirements), including those related to adulterated foods, unsafe food additives, and new animal drugs; or

(2) any notification requirement that provides for a warning concerning the food’s safety that is not identical to FFDCA provisions.

Allows a state to petition for an exemption or to establish a national standard regarding any requirement under FFDCA or the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act relating to food regulation. Allows the Secretary of Health and Human Service to provide such an exemption if the requirement:

(1) protects an important public interest that would otherwise be unprotected; (2) would not cause any food to be in violation of any federal law; and (3) would not unduly burden interstate commerce.

Allows a state to establish a requirement that would otherwise violate FFDCA provisions relating to national uniform nutrition labeling or this Act if the requirement is needed to address an imminent hazard to health that is likely to result in serious adverse health consequences and if other requirements are met.

Declares that this Act does not preempt certain state and local laws relating to labeling or a consumer advisory relating to food sanitation imposed on a food establishment or recommended by the Secretary.[/quote]