H-Pylori Infection

I searched for threads on this and couldn’t find any, and after seeing it mentioned in the “From Pie Hole to Poop Shoot” article I figured I’d bring it up.

I have H-Pylori. It’s hereditary however the symptoms have only been affecting me within the past few years. I have had multiple blood tests, and have taken the H-Pac Triple Therapy (Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, and an antacid) offered three separate times as told by my doctor. It’s supposed to work the first time, and it did for my Mother but mine seems to be harder to get rid of.

I have had blood tests before, and after each time taking the medication (about once every eight months), and still test positive. I am experiencing a lot of negative symptoms from this; most of them are listed in the aforementioned article under Stomach Dysfunction , such as excessive belching or burping, gas immediately following a meal, stomach pain, burning or aching 1-4 hours after eating, and feeling hungry an hour or two after eating.

This is, without a doubt, affecting my training in more ways than one.

Now I know the best option is to see my doctor about this and not be posting on an internet forum, but it’s just not working for me. The option to switch doctors just isn’t there right now because I live in a small area.

Does anyone else have, or have had this? Did it affect you negatively? What did you do to get rid of it? Any advice would be appreciated guys

I had it, wasn’t a hereditary thing though, just emotional trauma. The doc prescribed me medication, which I never took (silly, but it’s what I did). I had found though that taking Greek Yogurt nightly for a few weeks helped me quite a bit. My flare ups reduced in intensity and frequency, I’ve been pain free for well over a year now :slight_smile:

im biased against docs, especialy when im not dying. i find they seem to think humans are robots, where logic dictates reaction. enrac mentioned greek yogurt, kefir is also a good bet. incorporating onion and garlic MAY help (im not a doc and im not doing your research for you) but ideally you should go see a quality homeopath, or someone who practices alternative medicine for advice on how to alter your lifestyle to suit this problem

I’ll definitely try the Greek yogurt, seeing as I eat yogurt anyway, I’ll just switch. It’s true that most doctors seem to believe what works for one person has to work for everyone. I wish I had more access to a professional on the subject.

Chaos contact Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness, or Josh Rubin from East west healing. Both are Chek Holistic Practitioners that can help you with the H Pylori and have helped many other people. Sad to say it, but I doubt any average doctor will truly get to the root cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms.

Many customers at my store swear by a certain probiotic product in particular. It contains billions of the Bacillus coagulans strain, which seems to be highly resilient.

The product is DuraFlora by Source Naturals. In terms of customer reviews, this product has noticeable beneficial effects on its hosts. I’d give it a shot.

Of course nutrition is key: plenty of fiber and raw sauerkraut does wonders as well.

You could give Manuka Honey a try:

I used it some years ago (together with DGL) when I had ulcers and I’ve had no problems since.

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Have you doctor do a culture and then perform antibiotic sensitivity testing - that will identify the drug combo that will kill the bacteria.

Alternative medicine has its place; but this is an infection - he needs medication. Alt. medicine could help prevent a future infection for sure. But, don’t ignore the fact that you have to kill the bacteria to deal with what is going on right now.

BTW, that advice is from a NEJM article on H. Pylori infection I read a few days ago.