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H.I.T. Compendium

Hello Dr. Darden,

can you recommend a book (maybe one of yours), where I can find different H.I.T/one set workouts… like a H.I.T compendium which includes your 30/30/30, 30/10/30, but also some of A. Jones, Mike’s and John Little workouts etc.?

From my experience, I need to switch between exercises (whole body and split workouts) and weight (heavy, low weight ) to prevent an injury and get enough variety, so this would be a good thing :blush:. Thank’s a lot and it is great to have you here!

30-30-30, 30-10-30, and 10-10-10 are new techniques that have not been detailed yet in my books. But everything else is presented, with great illustrations, in my *The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results. Plus, it’s now available in an eBook.

Thank you!