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H.I.T. and Strongman

Hello every one as some may have read I am interested in competiting in strongman. My favorite style of lifting is High Intensity Training more Dorian Yates style than Mentzer. I know H.I.T. training is effective for me atleast I have seen much progress from the style when I trained for bodybuilding so I dont want to argue that fact.

But my question is can I train Dorian Yates type of training and it be effective for strongman and powerlifting or No… Whats your view on it just wandering.

You need to train for the specific events first…whatever strength or conditioning work you choose needs to come second. In short, if you love HIT do it as a compliment to strongman / powerlifting event training. I’d seek out a strongman competitor and let him teach you what to do.

ok i will see who i can find.