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H. Farnese


Looking at a pic of Arnold in his prime (not even at one of Coleman, Cutler etc.), this seems achievable. And without steroids.

How much do you think he'd weigh (if he were a) 6' or b) 7' tall)?


It's impossible for a human being to meet those proportions.


I remember reading that if the Adonis statue were real, he would be about 6' 200.


Must be cold in that museum.


Lucky for him that he has some nice thick insulation around the head.


Greeks thought large gentitalia were vulgar.

Gentleman had moderately sized penises.


I'd estimate he's about 1800 - 2100lbs right there.


I was listening to a program about the Greeks, and they mentioned this, also the penis is supposed to taper at the tip.


Are you looking at the Grecian ideal? There's a calculator around there, but I wouldn't trust the weight on it. I made the calculation with my height and it gave me 84kg (185lb).
I don't think I could look like Eugen Sandow with just 185lb. Maybe it's just low body fat mind trickery (muscles looking bigger, etc.)


His index finger is massive.


Hips are to wide compared to the clavicle to even resemble the male ideal of 2011.

His head is extremely small compared to the size of his skeletal frame.

It's a damn sculpture. Just go lift weights and eat right and forget trying to look like someone other than yourself. Damn


Off the top of my head, Mustache is dwarfing the rest of him.. and I agree with ^ - head is lagging and either GH gut or needs to lay off the dirty bulk..



Yeah, head is kinda small, noticed after roybot mentioned proportions. Yet, that waist looks so solid... (btw, I'm trying to get a 32" lean waist... I'm at at 31" now. Thinking I should add dynamic oblique exercises)

Personally, I think a thick waist looks much better than a narrow one. Can't imagine someone with a waspish waist doing an 800 lb DL or squat.

And, it's not about me trying to look like a statue, it's about how good that statue looks.


Made of stone: 1000 lbs

Flesh: 260 lbs.