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H-drol possible rebound?

I finished the following cycle about 1 month ago maybe slightly longer.

hdol: 60/75/75/75/75/75

5 weeks last week tapered down.
AX aPCT (7-methoxyfalvone)
PCT Assist

I have done two cycles of AMS products before with no problem.

This week i have started to develop over sensitive nipples and, they are both slightly puffy and the left one has a tiny lump. I have ordered some nolva, but not sure sure when it’s going to arrive.

Is this a possible estrogen rebound? Can anyone advise on what i can do, would carrying on the 7-methoxyfalvone help?

I have had my nipples checked by a DR and asked for blood tests, but he thinks they are fine and says hormones are always changing. so no blood test from him either.

Any help would be great