H-Drol for Recomp/Clean Bulk

Im striving to lower body fat while preserving lean muscle mass. I am going to run a six week hdrol cycle with a pct of novedex xt. I am 20 years old and have been lifting for six years as a more sports specific type training. I am getting into weight lifting for weight liftings sake (i.e. obsessively) the last nine months.

stats: 6 foot on inch
198 pounds
~19% BF

Preload Cycle support for one week

Cycle weeks 1-4: I will be running…
50 mg H-drol
cycle support 1 scoop morning/1 evening

Cycle weeks 5 and 6: i will be running
75 mg H-drol
1 scoop cycle support morning and night

I will continue to take the cycle support until i run out of it.
Novedex XT
Omega 3
Milk Thistle

possibly running a creatine or NO for PCT to help keep gains (advice?)

additional supps:
daily multi vitamin
Myoplex protein shakes

I understand I am relatively new to the “body building” aspect of weight lifting. I also understand and expect to be ripped apart right now. Any constructive criticisms will be appreciate the rest will be ignore. Any tips or advice are appreciated. I will be starting the cycle November 24th.


upon further consideration and advice from other sources, i have decided to postpone this cycle. Sorry for wasting time.