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H-Drol Cycle


I have a question about an H-drol cycle. I have 29 capsules left. H-drol from competitive edge labs. I have taken 2 cycle already. Great results. My question is what can I do with the 29 capsules I have left..... What can I do to get the most out of them. My first cycle was 2/2/3/3/3 and my second cycle was 2/3/3/3/3/3. Thanks your advice is greatly appreciated.


Mini cycle? I have never used H-drol specifically so I don't know the dosing but I have taken Halodrol before.


I am just wondering instead of wasting it, if i should do 2 weeks at 2 a day or 3 weeks at 1/1/2.
Where would I see better results.?