H-drol Cycle Review...

My stats first of all…

29 years old
220 #

I am about to start my first cycle of H-drol (first cycle ever) and wanted to get some feed back before I start. Here we go…

H-Drol 50/50/75/75/75/75
Tren Xtreme 0/90/90/90/90/0 (???)
Cycle Assist - Preloaded 2 weeks and on into PCT
Fish Oil
joint support

Clomid 70/70/35/35
Bioforge 4/4/4/4/4/4 (?)
Formestane (take this ON cycle or PCT?) (?)
Lean Xtreme
Cycle Assist
Fish Oil

Would really like some feedback on what is good, bad, or other. Thanks for the help.



why don’t you want to take the jacked while on?

The stock answer you’ll get from most is to avoid PH/designer roids and find some real gear. Aside from that, I will give you credit for at least using an actual drug for PCT…most jokers come on here with some herbal crap.

PH/designer stuff works, but the side/benefit ratio is way worse than real gear. Just as with “regular” methylated orals, you simply can’t take enough orals alone to make optimal gains, without housing your liver. Additionally, they’re novel and unregulated–and the safety and efficacy studies are not there. Remember that with supplements (not that these even deserve to be called that–they are drugs!) FDA has to prove they are unsafe, the manufacturer never has to prove they are safe. They certainly never have to prove efficacy; it says that right on the bottle. Don’t assume something you buy legally is safer than a controlled prescription substance; it is often just the opposite. Just my 2 cents.