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Anyone used this? What’s the word?

“77% more maximum power output”…

i believe this has beta-alanine in it.
Biotest is coming out with a beta-alanine product that is time released. to much at once makes your skin tingle or itch.

I used this same product getting ready for my most recent fight. I was busy throughout the fight, very active, and yet noticed zero lactic acid burn. After round two, I was a little tired, but could have easily gone another if the judges were so inclined(they were not, I lost). I can’t comment on teh increased strength output, but muscle endurance-wise, it definitely helped.

And, yes, just a normal single serving causes a tingling, burning, itching type sensation on the face(at least that is where I felt it).

I love H+Blocker. I did 3 phases worth of HSS 100 (CT’s superman training), H+Blocker pre workout, Biotest BCAA’s during, and Surge/Powerdrive post, and had the best 3 months of growth and strength in 2 years.

I was impressed that even with the high volume of HSS 100, I really did delay fatigue in the latter parts of my lift (the specialization “S” and 100 reps) when taking H+Blocker.

i haven’t tried it…but that company sent me a BOOK, something like 100 pages explaining what this is and what it does…no way am i gonna read an 100 page advertising, i would’ve been more impressed with a sample that i could’ve made up my mind about…