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GZCL - The Comeback Trail


Coming back from a disc herniation. Just started hitting the deads and squats again. Working my way back up slowly. “Learning” the movements again.

Basically there’s a main lift, primary assist, and bodybuilder type work.

5-8, 203 at the start.

Numbers I’m using (being very conservative, using a 3RM and low balling those big time on all of the lifts in order I preserve th low back).

Bench: 245
Squat: 255
Dead: 205
Push Press: 185
OHP: 145
Hang Clean: 145

Riveting opening post.


Squat - 3x5, last set AMRAP leaving 3-4 in tank @ 210. Got 12 on last set.

Good start.

Hang Clean: 6x5 @ 115. These were a lot of fun!

Leg Extensions: work up to a weight that I couldn’t get 15 times, use that as set 1: 5 sets at 105 (14,12,11,11,11)

Chins: sets of 6 between extensions

Leg curls: work up to a weight I couldn’t he 15 times, use that as set 1: 5 sets at 70 (14,12,10,10,10)

Rope crunch: same loading parameters: 5 sets at 55 (14,14,13,12,12)