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Gynoid Fat Distribution on Guys

I’m about 166lbs, 5’9-5’10. I’ve noticed that, while I’ve got some love handles I’ve got much more fat distributed around my legs and ass; a few people have commented that I’ve got a “girl’s ass”.

I’ve been losing weight [WS4SB, HIIT, runs 2x a week, cycling to and from university] as of late quicker, but I’m wondering if I’ve got something off with me. My fat distribution seems to be more lke a girl’s; is this just something that can vary with individuals?

I’ve heard of this before, and I’ve also heard of people stripping it fully and the distribution patterns changing.

How old are you?

Not only have I heard of it, I’ve seen plenty of guys with the same thing. How old are you? Maybe you should get your testosterone levels checked, I would think it’s probably a hormonal thing.

Ah, I’m glad others have heard of it. I tried googling for something but all I got was the usual ‘men do x, women do y’.

I’m 21 right now.

Ah, glad to hear that others have heard of this. I tried googling for information, but only received the generic ‘men do this, women do that’ details. I’m 21 right now.

It might be genetic. I’m no pro but I too have seen other men with this issue. All I can think of is maybe adernal fatigue. You might be working out too much? Other factors can affect your hormones too. Get your blood tested. If you’re poor and don’t have medical, just keep lifting hard and getting plenty of dietary fat into your diet.If it makes you feel any better, I’d rather have fat on my ass than my chest. :slight_smile:

Wow at 21 and you have “women’s fat” distribution, maybe you should get your testosterone levels checked…couldn’t hurt.

Same. I have a 6 pack but literally 2 inches of fat on the upper hamstrings.

No one can really tell if it’s muscle or fat unless I’m naked though. I feel great and am getting stronger so I’m not worried about it.

It’s probably the best fat pattern to have, visually. A pair of boxers completely disguises it.