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Has anyone had gyno? If so, what did you do to get rid of it? I am 17, and have had two surgeries to correct this condition, with minimal effect. My gyno is not a very bad case, but still bothers be greatly. Any suggestions? (BTW, this was not caused by steroids or pro-hormones; it just appeared a few years ago).

Have you tried an anti-estrogen drug?

How can you go through two surgeries with minimal effects? Sounds like you need to talk to the doctor(s) performing the procedure. Someone isn’t doing something right.

Sounds like all they did was liposuction. You need to have the breast tissue removed. You will have minor scars under your nipples.(Check out WWE’s, The Rock, aka Duane Johnson, in recent photos.) If you have estrogenic fat distribution then get real lean and build muscle. That’s what T-Mag can help you with. Never do any androgenic compounds without an anti-estrogen. Gyno is permanent. Surgical removal is the only option.

When I was your age I had gyno (I think I was 15 or 16. My doctor told me not to worry about it, it goes away with age. By the time I was 18 it was gone.

gUY i KNOW YOUR PAIN all to well. When I was 14 years old I spent the whole year wearing a jacket to hide my gyno. That summer I had surgery which flattened me out okay but, I didnt bother to loose any weight. So over the last 9 years I have gained weight and my gyno has returned. I’m not sure if loosing a ton of weight and building crazy muscle will ever rid me of this PROBLEM. All surgery has done for me in the long run is give me a perfect B cup. Your situation seems like there is much hope you have less to worry about I would try to lose weight if u need to and of course build muscle… BTW I started to have the signs of gyno when I was in the 2nd grade…I’ve been to several doctors and have had blood work, my hormonal levels checked and everything…Im just an unlucky freak of nature… I really hope things work out for you…

Nate, I think the surgeries have had minimal effects because of what Bumps said. Also, it is relatively minor, compared to some other cases I have seen. It is mainly the puffy nipples. Although, if I was not as lean as I am, I am sure my chest would look like breasts. I am going to try another surgeon, and see what he says. Thanks for the help, guys.

I had surgery last may for it (had it since i was teen, non steroid related…I highly reccomend Dr Michael Bermant In Va. He uses some of the best techniques and you can’t even see the scars, he has tons of pics on his site of before and after the surgery and he documents everything and takes pics of everything done to you, he does breast tissue removal and well as liposuction contouring to make the shape look very natural and not liker u had surgery. I am extremely pleased with his work. I believe his website is www.plasticsurgery4u.com , if that doesnt work tell me…


I am going on a cruise for spring break in approximately three months, and my parents said I cannot get another surgery yet because of the cost. Is there anything else I can do? A drug? A cream? Thanks.

I know of one person who used bromocriptine to combat gyno due to it’s anti prolactin activity, which may be part of the cause of gyno. If you do a search for bromocriptine and Lyle McDonald, you may be able to find some good info. I don’t know much about bromo, but the person I am talking about is very well respected and truly knows his stuff.

I had gyno from late elementary school (Gr. 6 or so) for about 4 years before I decided to do something about it. I only had it on one side though (left).

I had it removed through surgery (at the same time as an umbilical hernial, lucky me) and aside from some fluid the doc took out with a syringe, it never came back.

I started training a short time after that op, so maybe my training fixed up my hormone levels and prevented a relapse. That’s what I like to think anyway.

i hope everyone here understands that there is a big difference between having gyno and being a fat ass with big tits.

Big Pun: And from what we see after having 2 surgeries and it still being there being that the surgeries were prolly only fat removal, then yes he prolly does have true gyno cause after two surgeries and it still being there. The only thing left is prolly tissue…

Check out bermants website and tell me if it worked, He did an excellant job and removed fat and tissue(I had the type where tissue and fat were interwoven and not in seperate masses so he had to use the scalpel on most of it. He pulled almost 500 cc’s out of each side of fat and tissue, the main tissue mass on me was about the size of a golf ball all the rest was interwoven shit…Hope this helps.


Pugs, I checked out that site. That doctor looks awesome, but unfortunately I live in Michigan. So going to Virginia is not really an option.