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Ok, suppose a guy was dumb enough to buy into a company’s claim that they sold effective yet side effect-free steroid derivatives. Suppose he took only half a day’s amount of “d-bol” (just 2 out of 60 pills) before he stumbled upon some real information (like this forum) and stopped–is he at any real risk for developing gyno? Furthermore, how long after steroid ingestion do such side effects usually begin to manifest? After hwo long does it become a real risk?

Seriously, thanks…and, yes, you can color me paranoid.

Even two real d-bols wouldn’t set off a case of gyno!

Throw the crap out and quit worrying.

Thanks, brother…

While we’re briefly on the subject, are you saying the fake, legal d-bol stuff is completely ineffective?

do a search on the chemical name on some forums, and see.

lol. if you are not sure if your legal steroids are real. THEY ARE FAKES. or just prohormones of some type.

Just a cheap andro. Read this:

gosh,. I was gonna say that if titties didn’t appear within 3.5 years that you’d probably be clear, but to keep a training bra on hand just in case… But these f–kers really screwed up any opportunities to exploit your gullibility…
Just kiddin. ;-}