Any suggestions on treating a mild case of gyno? Started about 1 year ago (with deca) with sore and puffy nips. There is a definite small lump and nips are still puffy altough some days it looks okay and some days it looks worse. I dont have high body fat. I dont have 5K to fork out for surgery and limited access to pharmacueticals. I saw an endrocinologist and primary care- neither were willing to give nolvadex or arimidex. They also said once its there sugery is the only alternative. So any suggestions on OTC supplements or other methods?

Sorry buddy, surgery’s the only way to go.

You’re stuck. Surgery’s the way to go. You should really get rid of them before summer though cuz breats on men are unattractive, and I’ve been several at the beach strutting their boobs. shaking head